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As a Church we support Global Missions. Especially in Bangladesh. The Great Lakes Conference Church of God has it's most extensive overseas field with a focus on community development, education, and medicine. In 2020 there were 68 nursing school students in training. Bangladesh Mission operates 20 schools with more than 750 children enrolled. The Mission has a Boys and Girls Hostel with more than 155 children enrolled operated in Khanjanpur. Bogra Hospital and Khanjanpur Health & Eye Clinic treat over 120,000 patients each year. A nursing program at Bogra equips nurses to work in medical facilities throughout the country. Health education classes are taught in the districts on such topics as hygiene & sanitation, clean drinking water, and disease prevention. Khanjanpur Health clinic holds many remote medical and eye camps to benefit the underprivileged. Through these camps, other basic needs are often provided during follow-up visits to help improve the lives of those in the communities.

Dr. John Costa of Khanjanpur serves as Country Director (GR 2701).

More Information: Latest Newsletter

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